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KiteTender 1010 concept

Kitetender 1010,  able to do 30 knots..

Based upon all experiences in dinghies and sea going vessels, we like to develop the 1010, the ocean going Kitetender.KT 1010 glass roof

Specifications KiteTender 1010

  1. Length  10,10 mtr, relatively narrow beam.
  2. Sandwich vacuum built, with some watersealed compartments
  3. Several kites & Sizes
  4. Mast for Kite launching and hybrid sailing
  5. Winch for  kite flying (less drag), upwind 30 mtrs line, downwind 60 mtrs line.
  6. Kitecontrol is mechanic( is to be preferred at sea)
  7. Heeling control
  8. Lifting keel,  with only 15% ballast, easy trailering
  9. Perhaps a leeward foil
  10. Foiling twin rudders
  11. In case of a severe storm, fill the water tanks to have a more sure and smoother ride
  12. Trailerable on a slipway, so take it anywhere you want!, and no antifouling needed
  13. Fits to container


ocean going kitetender


All parts and knowledge are available, if you are interested just email:

For more information or questions, feel free to contact.