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Regatta OPEN

There is nothing better then meeting other kitetender enthousiasts or addicts to compete!

Its purpose: Races & Regatta & kiteboat Fun

  1. It is an open event for teams to subscribe
  2. Even if not owning a Kitetender,
  3. We only ask to have sufficient training at our agents
  4. We would like you to join us, but kiteboating is not a thing you just can do, without any kitecontrol, teamwork, or helming a monohull at 20 knots of boatspeed.
  5. Make sure you come well prepared with hours of experience in a Kitetender

September 19th hosted by WindstalkersIslandSports Isle of Wight UK!

Here some teasing video’s



Here a small impression of Kitetender Open NL


Kitetender week IOW UK 2015 (edit Tim Hofmann)


If any questions feel free to contact Peter Renssen